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Village of Simonovichi


Village of Simonovichi

by Oleg Perzashkevich

Simonovichi before 1917


Before 1793 - Simonovichi was a private village in Rechitsa District of Minsk Province of Great Lithuanian Princedom.

1793-1917 - Simonovichi was a village in Russian Empire.

Since 1801 - Simonovichi was a private village in Bobruisk District of Minsk Province.

1840s - after the Emperor permitted Jews to live in the rural area, Jewish population appeared in Simonovichi.

Vital Statistics





% Total Pop.


Jewish population appeared




Both sexes




Total population

No info

Jewish Life

In 1840s, after obtaining permission to live in rural area, some Jewish families moved their business to Simonovichi. As far as there were no Jewish community or considerable resident Jewish population in Simonovichi, there were no special Jewish objects there.

Economic Review

Traditional activities of local population were agriculture chopping and river transport of wood, fishing. Since early times Ptych river was the main road and trade way for local habitants.

During Russian principality the authorities did a lot to develop the region because of military and fiscal reasons mostly. First of all, old roads Bobruisk - Slutsk and Simonovichi - Glusk were reconstructed there.

After abolishing of Serfdom (the law prescribing personal dependence of peasants from their landlords) in 1861 local peasants became more active in non-agricultural sphere, and local Jews (had obtained permission to live in rural area in the early 1830s-40s) moved their businesses (mainly taverns and trinket stores), mostly from Bobruisk and Glusk, to big villages or to the regions of maximal peasant market activity. Simonovichi was such a village.

In XIX, because of development of the All-Russian Market, new types of communications appeared in the area in 1873.

Construction of the railroad and highways provoked new increase of development of local settlements. Since that time the closest railway station was in Daraganovo (18 km). After in 1880s old road from Bobruisk to Slutsk was transformed into a highway, Simonovichi occurred on the highway.

We do not know any big business enterprises in Simonovichi before 1917. But close, in the estate of local landlord there were a vodka factory and a flour mill.

In 1909 there were 129 wooden houses in Simonovichi.

General cultural information

In the end XIX - beg. XX century in Simonovichi there were:

- Orthodox church;

- post office.

Closest doctor was in Glusk (30 km).



Bobruisk District Historical Economic Summaries

Provided by Minsk Historical Genealogy Group






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